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1st Nephi 1 : 14

And it came to pass that when my father had read and seen many great and marvelous things, he did exclaim many things unto the Lord; such as: Great and marvelous are thy works, O Lord God Almighty! Thy throne is high in the heavens, and thy power, and goodness, and mercy are over all the inhabitants of the earth; and, because thou art merciful, thou wilt not suffer those who come unto thee that they shall perish!

Eventually, all the amazing things Dad experienced got him worked up and he found himself shouting out loud. He didn’t have to think about what to say; words just poured out on their own. Stuff about how God was all powerful and mortals couldn’t comprehend the smallest part of His incredible plan for us. Dad shouted about how the earth was so small compared with the Lord’s endless creations and how His throne looked down on it all from the highest place in heaven. Dad praised God’s mercy, and how every single soul, if they will come unto Him, can be saved from the effects of spiritual death. (i.e. sin, misery, and general stupidity.)

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