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Join RC and his wife in their new

Book Podcasts

It began with the unorthodox release of SLEEPING FATTY via audio rather than print.  Then Jaida and RC added a book review comedy podcast just for fun.  Both available on all major platforms.

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With over 500 total plays, this podcast presents weekly, exclusive access to RC's YA Fairytale Retelling, SLEEPING FATTY. Currently 28 episodes are published (24 chapters.) The novel is read by Jaida Hancock, the author's wife. Join listeners from Russia, Germany, UK, Canada, and 20+ states to find out if true love can wake the dead.

Join RC and his wife, Jaida as they read (and make fun of) 1-star reviews of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many more. Contact them via the online form on this site to suggest a book you'd like spotlighted.


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