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Modern Nephi

Modern Teenage Translation of the Book of Mormon


By RC Hancock

Author’s note: This project started as a scripture study exercise. Since my monkey brain tends to wander when I read, the act of examining each verse and putting it into my own words forced me to understand and apply the gospel truths to myself. My wife enjoyed reading my notes and thought they might help others think more critically about the ancient world setting as well as consider what that life might have been like from a modern teen’s perspective.

I did attempt a little research, but it is by no means an accurate translation or representation of the times. Reading this does NOT count as studying your scriptures. It’s meant as a supplement AFTER you’ve already read and gained a testimony of the original. Despite the conversational tone throughout, I’ve tried not to distract from the sacredness of the text. So if you already love the Book of Mormon as much as I do, you may proceed with caution.

1st Nephi One

1st Nephi Two


Here are some additional ideas for getting teens to read the Bible and BOM.


I'm Nephi

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