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1st Nephi 3 : 1

And it came to pass

that I, Nephi, returned from speaking with

the Lord, to the tent of my father.

When the vision ended I took a few minutes to gather my strength, then hobbled in search of Dad. I couldn’t wait to give him a play-by-play of my first solo vision. When I got to his tent, however, the spiritual high came crashing down. Laman and Lemuel stood outside, kicking at lizards and using language that would’ve earned them a slap had my mother been nearby. I didn’t make eye contact. When my bros are ticked off (or in “scorpion mode” as my favorite sister calls it) it’s best to play deaf and dumb. (I guess they can relate to you better.) I slipped into the tent in time to see Dad double-fisting camel cheese into his mouth. “Hey, Pops… everything okay?”

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