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Fenrir Greyback live from Azkaban, accompanied by Lucius Malfoy with dementors on backup vocals and special appearance by Baby Voldemort (aka Creepy Soul Sliver)

(Actually, the baby was a last minute addition because my wife said she wouldn’t go to sleep and it was my turn.)

Music by Alan Menke (If I Can’t Love Her) new lyrics by BPP created using the #AcapellaApp

Military Book Giveaway


A fellow LDS Author is spreading some cheer to our brave military men and women this season. Basically if you know of someone in the US military who’s going to be deployed over the holidays you can browse the books, pick one for them here, and if their name is drawn, the book will be sent to them. I’m participating in the event, so if you’d like one of your buddies to get An Uncommon Blue, go check out the giveaway on Donna Hatch’s blog.

How to Tell If Someone is Hiding an Eating Disorder – Guest Post



Today I’m please to welcome Michelle Peterson to the blog. Michelle is a recovering addict and her mission is alligned with Recovery Pride, which is to celebrate sobriety and those who achieve it. She’ll be taking a look at the link between substance abuse and eating disorders. Take it away Michelle!


Thanks RC,

It means a lot to have the opportunity to write a guest article. Today I’ll share with your visitors some of the advice and resources we’ve culled from our research.

Substance abuse disorders can affect many age groups, but when they are combined with another disorder they can be deadly. Studies have found links between drug and alcohol abuse and eating disorders, depression, and PTSD, all of which are exacerbated by the interaction. In fact, research suggests that up to 50% of those living with an eating disorder also abuse drugs or alcohol, substances which increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and depression, not to mention negative physical effects such as stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis.

Eating disorders–the most common of which are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating–eventually have negative impacts on physical health as well. The esophagus, teeth, and digestive tract are all affected by these disorders and can leave the sufferer so weak and ill that they cannot function normally.

Eating disorders commonly begin during the teen years, when many sufferers begin to have body image issues. They can affect males or females, and researchers believe there are many complex factors at work behind them: biological, genetic, and psychological, to name a few.

Each type of disorder affects the individual differently, and they will find different ways to cope with their daily activities; for some, food intake is highly restricted and a strict, excessive exercise regimen is implemented. For others, binging and purging makes them feel in control. Drugs and alcohol are often used to help the individual curb their appetite, or to help them purge. The addiction to both the substance and the eating disorder affects the brain in a very particular way, making the individual feel as though they have achieved what they want and simulating happiness.

It is difficult for many people to talk about these disorders; in several cases, it is swept under the rug because it is an uncomfortable subject. However, it’s extremely important to know the warning signs of a person who is suffering from an eating or substance abuse disorder and to know how to start a conversation about it in order to get the individual help. These warning signs include:

  • Extremely restricted diet
  • Excessive exercise
  • Weight loss to an extreme level
  • Anxiety over gaining weight
  • A distorted body image
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Leaving the table, sometimes more than once, during a meal
  • Changes in skin’s appearance

In severe cases–or cases in which the eating disorder has gone on for a long time untreated–the individual may experience low blood pressure, heart, kidney, and brain damage, or even death. If someone you love is exhibiting any of these behaviors, make an effort to talk to them about your concerns. Don’t be afraid to bring up the term “eating disorder”; sometimes, hearing the words spoken aloud is jarring enough to make the individual face what they are doing, and once their secret is out on the table they might realize it’s okay to talk about it. Offer to help them find a counselor or healthcare professional who can help them find a healthy way to cope.

There are many different therapies available for those suffering from an eating disorder, but if substance abuse is also involved, it will need to be addressed separately. Let your loved one know they are not alone, and that there are ways for them to get healthy.

Photo of girl via Pixabay by Unsplash


Reclamation Blog Tour

Adrienne and I met when we both had debut novels in the works. Now she’s beaten me in getting her second book out, but it’s hard to be bitter because it’s so good. I literally read it in two days and loved it even more than the first. (But you def need to read the first first if you get my meaning.) Please support indie authors, ESPECIALLY when they’re actually GOOD!!

Here’s what publisher’s weekly said about book one: Quintana’s debut is a standard fast-paced techno-thriller, its momentum set more by intrigue than action as her characters question each other’s motives and loyalties. 

(And for publisher’s weekly to take a look at an indie author you know it’s cause she’s amazing.)

Progress Update


Now you see what I’m up against.

It’s hard to get any writing done when you’d rather be spending it with these guys. But despite my addiction to my wife and kids, I do have a little progress to report.


Just finished an arrangement of COME THOU FOUNT for my aunt. If you’re into religious music you should check it out here. Or click on the BORED PRIMARY PIANIST tab at the top of this page.


The number one question I get is when the sequel to BLUE is coming out. Short answer: It’s written and waiting for book 1 to sell a thousand more copies before the publisher takes on book 2. So the fastest way to see the sequel is to share how much you enjoyed book 1. (And then guilt your friends into buy a copy….or twelve.)

Once my new book “GROOMED: book one in the HUSBAND TRIALS” is finished editing I plan to use it as bait to lure in a new agent. Here’s a taste if you’re curious.

35 word pitch:

In 2987 women are scarce and dating is complicated. To win his childhood crush, 
teenage Travis enters the deadly Husband Trials and unwittingly befriends the boys he's supposed to kill.

First 250 words:

Mr. Candace was three hundred years older than his wife but he certainly didn't act it. When he learned he'd be required to attend his son's childhood graduation he made such a fuss that all of Travis's younger brothers came into the kitchen to watch.
        "I don't have time for this!" he shouted. "I'll miss my shows."
        Eventually the tantrum wound down and Mr. Candace retired to his room to change into his tuxedo. The nine younger boys wandered back to their telegame and Travis, 
who'd been dressed and hairsprayed since three o'clock, followed his mother into the 
        After a few minutes, Travis asked, "How do you tell a clone from an original?"
        Candace furrowed her eyebrows at the strange question. "Your father is no 
different that you or I. First or second body, the mind is the same."
        "But I'm only fifteen and I'm more mature than him. Does he even have a belly 
        Candace smiled. "He has a very handsome navel. Which you see every summer at 
the lakehouse."
        "Could be fake. Wendy thinks she saw her da's come off once when-"
         Travis fell silent as Mr. Candace emerged. "If this thing lasts more than an 
hour, I can't promise I won't hit anyone."
        There was a time when Travis might have laughed at such a statement.  Now he 
knew his father was completely serious.
        Despite their late start, Candace insisted they take the triple bicycle. "It's our last ride with my number two," she said, turning misty eyes on her son.

My WIP (work in progress) is called THE TIME TRAVELER’S SEWING KIT. I’m about 7 chapters in. Here’s the first couple paragraphs:

The library basement reeked of blood. When patrons complained to the head librarian, 
she blamed the rusting pre-civil war shelves. 
 When they mentioned the smell to Od, he told them the truth. That Al Capone's victims were rotting inside the walls. 
 Some patrons laughed. These were the ones who knew corpses rarely smelled of blood and that the crime boss had done most of his murdering in Chicago. "But he did time in 
Philly," Od would insist. "Nine months in Eastern State Penitentiary." 
 With the addition of a few grisly details, Od could usually elicit an uneasy smile, or even a shiver. Once a patron headed straight back to the elevator without any books.
 It was the small things that made Od love his job.

I’ve also been busy helping my CPs (critique partner’s) hone their masterpieces. In fact I just connected with one who lives in NY that I’m super excited about. You’ll be seeing her name on the NYT Bestseller list one day.

I’ll be attending LDS storymakers in Utah this May. Super excited. I’m going to pitch GROOMED to one of the lucky agents there. 🙂

Business Ventures

Still working with the guys from PureMedia. I’ve been slacking in my social media job, but to tell you the truth I think they’re having the same problem I am. Our priorities are way out of wack. We put stuff like our family and careers before our side hobbies. Still. One day, I hope to see the eREader become a reality.

My card game COMMUNIST BARNYARD is pretty much ready to be processed. Just waiting on an extra couple thousand bucks I find sitting around my house.

Happy B-day BLUE! (99 cents & 10 book giveaway!)

Contest is now closed. Congrats to Grand Prize Winner:

Letty McKemey-Rosendale

open book
A year ago today, I gave birth to a rectangular, 275 page baby. Here are two ways you can help me celebrate it’s first birthday:

  1. Download the digital version FOR 99 CENTS at AmazonBooks & Things, and Nook . That’s right, for a limited time, it’s LESS THAN A DOLLAR! (It’s also on sale at the itunes store and Google Play.)
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The Grand Prize Winner will receive a total of TEN different books, ALL SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. In addition I will NAME a character in BOOK 2 after you.

Here are the SIGNED books the grand prize winner will receive in the mail:

18051172Water Keep (Farworld, #1)2194806022616883252189452040942523597398205600142365740421420065


A word about the giveaway books. A few of them are signed specifically to me (sorry). Naturally, I want to keep all these signed books to myself. (I’ve read them and they’re great, and I want to show off all my author friends when people visit.) But as a new author I know how much more good a book does when it’s passed around as opposed to gathering dust on a shelf. So as much as I’d like to hoard all these signed copies, I want to share them more, and I want you to write glowing reviews for them. (Especially mine.)

Concerning the naming: it may just be a passing mention, or it could be a main character. It depends how French sounding your name is and how much I like it. 2nd and 3rd place will receive only a signed copy of my book. (Don’t look so disapointed…Christmas is coming you can always regift it.) Grand Prize winner can give me the name of a friend or loved one in place of theirs, but I reserve the right to tweak, or reject names if they’re rediculous.  As long as you don’t tell me your name is Butts McFannypants, we probably won’t have a problem.

THE END: The digital version of my book will be $0.99 from Dec 9th to the 30th, then will go back to $6.99. The FB video contest will end when no one has liked, commented, or shared it for 48 hrs. (Or on Dec 31, 2015 whichever comes first.)

Discover New Authors!

smaller group

On of the funnest thing about being a writer is connecting with other equally insecure and quirky authors. Especially when we get together and publish short story anthologies! What this means:

  1. I now have TWO new books on Goodreads with my name on it.

  2. You have two new collections of short stories to read. (FOR FREE!)

  3. You have 9 chances to find a second favorite author. (Obviously I’m your first.)

Introducing….  my NEW BOOKS!

typeractive cover overcoming history cover

Typeractive Tales free PDF download

Overcoming History free PDF download

And now a little about the awesome authors that made it all possible.

TYPERACTIVE is a group of mostly AZ authors who write clean fiction. Here they are with some of their books.

Janette Rallison

(High Resolution Image)    

Brock Booher

Brock Booher     25218929

Randy Lindsay

Picture      25219039

Stephen J. Sterling


Marilee Jackson


Laura Walker

Laura_Walker_author     21948093

Adrienne Quintana (doesn’t appear in anthology)


Shersta Chabot (doesn’t appear in anthology)

Shersta Chabot     21948184


The authors who contributed to OVERCOMING HISTORY are newer acquaintences, but still incredible writers. Here they are:

Greg Hickey


Marleen Zwiker

     Unreliable: A novel of suspense

Barbara Pietron

About the Author     18687595

So, what are you waiting for? Download the books and get reading. And if you particularly enjoy one of the stories, click on the link to find other books by that author. (Then make sure to rate these anthologies on amazon and goodreads so others can find them.)

Now do it. Or suffer my wrath.


What’s it like to be a nerd?


Harry Potter Panel – That’s me on the end pretending to be Lucius Malfoy. Next to me is Frank L. Cole, Lynette White, September C. Fawkes, Cheree Alsop, and J. Scott Savage.

Join me on a journey to embrace your inner unicorn.

Visit a magical place called Comic Con, where nerds are applauded for their indiscretionary spending and celebrated for their refusal to get real jobs. By the end, you’ll desperately wish you were one of them.


 The Journey to UT


image Flying from Pennsylvania wasn’t too bad. As you can see we kept the kids occupied in the airport.



Here’s my wife and cousin (glasses). She was the angel that watched our kids while we played at the convention center.


An old mission buddy served as my guide for my Comic Con baptism.

Awesome, amazing, photogenic authors


Frank L. Cole wrote a bunch of books. I’m currently reading The Afterlife Academy to my kids and it’s awesome.


Fellow Cedar Fort author, Tony Kibbie wrote that pretty green book about trolls. I can’t wait to read it.


Richard Paul Evans, author of the Michael Vey novels was one of the nicest guys I’ve met. After I gave him a copy of my book, he offered to pay for it. When I refused, he bought ANOTHER copy! What a lovely bloke. Maybe I should read his books. haha


Most of the authors at the Cedar Fort booth. From left to right: Cindy, Alysson, Emily, Tony, a mysterious stranger, Lauren.


Andrienne, from the Typeractives (My AZ writing group) with Alyson Peterson. (Both their books are visible.)



Don’t be jealous of my photography skillz. There was security there making sure I didn’t get a picture of the Weasley twins. HA! I showed them. I think that second blob from the left is Fred.

And finally, Making a fool of myself in public




I took this selfie between questions, but then Frank Cole started to talk and I felt bad for distracting the audience


The Lasting Power Of Potter Panel – From left to right, you can see September C. Fawke’s red coat, then Jonathan Kroupa, Sara B. Larson, and Tyson Huber (moderator.)



Now you can see Renee Collins on the right.

Introducing my fellow panel members (Don’t ask me why the photos are wonky, I’m a beginning blogger!)

Lynette White – Fantasy Author

Renee Collins – Author

Jonathan Kroupa – Author, Comic Artist


September C Fawkes – Writer, Blogger




Tyson Huber – Journalist, blogger (


Still haven’t had enough? I also played with live animals.image image image image image image


And met some old friends from AZ.

Congratulations on scrolling all the way to the end of this post! You must either really want to go to comic con yourself, or you find me strangely attractive…

Rowling Vs. Green

The literary world is constantly evolving. (Or devolving as the case may be.) PubCrawl recently posted an insightful article about the disturbing trends of sexual violence in books written for young adults. You can see from the comments that the public is split as to what teens really need and more importantly (sarcasm) what they’ll spend money on.

So I’ve pitted two best selling novels, comparing content and sales, in an effort to determine what teens really want in their books.

(Yes, they’re different genres and this is an oversimplification, but it’s my blog, so deal with it.)


FAULT: 315 pgs – published 2012

POTTER: 870 pgs – published 2003

FAULT: Main Character’s age – 16

POTTER: Main Character’s age – 15

FAULT: Hazel and Augustus go to his hotel room and have sex. Mention of removing clothes being awkward because of her oxygen tank and his fake leg. Mention of “condomy problems” and that it wasn’t too painful or ecstatic. 1

POTTER: Harry and Ron try to enter Hermonie’s room. “A loud, wailing, claxonlike sound” starts and the stairs turn into a slide. “‘Er- I don’t think we’re allowed in the girls’ dormitories,’ said Harry, pulling Ron to his feet and trying not to laugh.”

FAULT: “Do you know what Dom Perignon said after inventing champagne? He called out to his fellow monks, ‘Come quickly: I am tasting the stars.’” (p. 163 Before the “cool” enabling adults facilitate underage drinking.)

POTTER: “You know what?” Ron murmured, looking over at the bar with enthusiasm. “We could order anything we like in here, I bet that bloke would sell us anything, he wouldn’t care. I’ve always wanted to try firewhisky–”      “You — are — a — prefect,” snarled Hermione.”     “Oh,” said Ron, the smile fading from his face. “Yeah…” (pg. 337 before they order non-alcoholic butterbeer.)


  • 20 + sh**
  • 5 Hell
  • Bas**rd
  • 9 godda**
  • 1 bada**
  • 2 bit**
  • 2 a**hole
  • 1 a**clown
  • 2 a**
  • 1 fu**


  • 2 damn

FAULT OF OUR STARS: Total books sold -10.7 million

ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: Total books sold – 55 million