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Brooke Romney Review!

You may have heard about the wildly popular teen-parenting expert/blogger, Brooke Romney. Last week she posted some of her favorite books and mine made the list. (I didn't even have to pay or threaten her.)

Just wanted to tell her thanks, and send my billions of followers over to check her out.

(Especially if you have troublesome teens, or expect to in the future.) Here's her site and here's her Instagram. Or you could just buy her book. (I had a steep jump in book sales after her post, so I kinda owe her.)

Incidentally, I was also informed that An Uncommon Blue had 14 people on the Salt Lake County Library waiting list. I contacted them and they were gracious enough to take a few more of my books and put them into circulation. So if you're trying to get your hands on one and your library is lacking, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do. (Alternatively you can ask the library to buy a bunch of copies.) Either way THANKS FOR READING!

In other news:

I'm outlining a middle grade novel about incompetent, bickering angels.

I'm searching for a literary agent for my book "BURY ME?" which is similar to my book Groomed, but has been completely overhauled and updated. (That's the reason you haven't been able to buy Groomed lately.) A few agents and small publishers have asked to see the full manuscript, so hopefully it will find a home soon.

Jaida's almost finished recording Sleepy Fatty on our podcast. I'm so lucky to have her talents to exploit. Our Bad Reviews for Good Books podcast has even more listeners. This last week we read 1-star reviews for Wicked by Gregory McGuire.

I'm also playing A LOT of Minecraft with the kids.

And my kids had a lot of cavities last time they went to the dentist, so we've been limiting sugar. (And I'm in withdrawal.) Please send me chocolate and gummies. Mark it "boring papers."

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