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GROOMED Now Available for Pre-Order!

Introducing the first book in the Husband Trials Series. It's available for ebook pre-order (will be delivered to your device on Christmas). Paperback will follow soon after. Here is the description from Goodreads:

16-yr-old Travis wants to get married. Alas, there aren't enough lasses to go around. Stupid genetic apocalypse. To satisfy his nuptial needs, Travis enters the Husband Trials. Within three years he must prove himself worthy of the object of his affection and then get busy repopulating the earth. Unfortunately 500 other lads have similar plans for Wendy. Despite rigid tournament rules, high-ranking "Alpha" suitors are enforcing some rules of their own. Those lads they see as threats are neutralized in "shaving accidents" or "random toilet viper attacks". If the Alphas discover Travis was Wendy's best friend growing up, they'll kill him. But if she never learns Travis is there, he's just another faceless contestant. With no athletic ability. Or experience in hand to hand combat. His only chance is to make it into the top twenty, earn a private dinner with Wendy, and warn her not to give away their history. No big deal. He'll only have to beat 480 genetically improved sixteen-year-olds in dozens of deadly challenges. While hiding from the girl he loves. Experienced from the perspective of a modern teen with girl trouble of a different kind, GROOMED is an epic sci-fi romance for girls who hate sci-fi (and guys who hate romance).

Note: This story contains mature themes and is recommended for kids 13 and older.

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