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Blue Gets a Nod (and a make-over)

I was excited to see that my first novel (An Uncommon Blue-2014) was chosen for Video Wiki's list of 10 riveting Y.A. novels that blur the line between sci-fi and fantasy. They made a really sweet video (my novel is featured first) and the video illustrations they used to portray Blue made me happeeeee.

This increased exposure came at a great time, as I'm just about finished with my first round of edits for the New Edition. Although I did announce this on social media a while back, I neglected to blog about it. I'm super excited that the folks at Pink Umbrella wanted to re-release An Uncommon Blue (updated with new content and a few big changes). This is scheduled to be out this summer. (Originally it was slated for March of 2018, but well.... there ended up being a LOT of work to get it ready.) Here is the awesome new cover drawn by the insanely talented Tony Pham.

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