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Does Humming Cause Your Kids to Fight?

One of the biggest causes of fights in my home results from one of my kids humming or singing. You may think my children are little monsters. (You wouldn't be entirely mistaken.) But most of the time, these conflicts aren't actually their fault.

It's only been a few years that I've been familiar with acronyms such as HSP (highly-sensitive person) and SBD (sensory processing disorder).

As it turns out, my wife (and most of my kids) experience this disorder, which is both a blessing and a curse. Try telling your SPD daughter to ignore the five-year-old's incessant recitation of Baby Shark. Cue the bloodbath.

I was so excited to learn about IT'S NOT EASY BEING A SUPERHERO: UNDERSTANDING SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER by Kelli Call. The book actually helped me understand my wife and kids better, made it easier to identify the symptoms, and even gave me a few more ideas about how to help them through it.

The info at the back of the book says 1 in 20 kids are affected by SPD, which means that millions of parents are probably in the dark about why their kids freak out for "no reason." Or why they can't listen to someone humming or tapping without wanting to cover their ears and scream.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. It's well written, informative, and the art is beautiful.

Very cartoony, just like I like it. :)

So many illustrators nowadays seem to favor post-modern "mess art" that they think will win them a Caldecott. Ew.

Like this one------>

Gross, right?

Tony Pham is just a really talented, professional artist.



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