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High Sierra Blog Tour

I got HIGH SIERRA for free in exchange for a review.

Since I don’t love contemporary YA, I thought I was doing the author a favor.


I hadn’t even finished the ebook before I ordered a paper copy for my kids to read.

It’s wise, well-written, and super funny. Not too romancy or churchy. Just inspirational and fun. Such a great story.

Here's a little about the up and coming Adrienne Quintana that you never knew you wanted to know.

Top Ten List

10. I’m the 2nd of 9 kids.

9. I served as missionary for my church in Montreal.

8. I can whistle underwater.

7. My big toes are HUGE. Like, ridiculously big. At least two shoe sizes larger than the others.

6. Doris Day is my homegirl.

5. As a teenager couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, but I’ve completed two marathons as an adult.

4. Doritos are my kryptonite (nacho cheese flavor).

3. I know how to say “I’m going to bloody your nose” in Samoan.

2. I believe that drinking water can cure any ailment, including broken limbs.

1. I fall asleep in the movie theatre unless I’m eating popcorn.


Go HERE for the Facebook event!

Or if you trust my judgement, buy the book HERE.

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