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New Book, New Podcast!

I've started a podcast.

And currently it's the only way to experience my new YA Fairytale Retelling.

Sleeping Fatty (formerly The Exitor) was my very first attempt at novel writing. After about 500 rejections from agents, I put the 200K-word behemoth in a drawer and started An Uncommon Blue.

Now, over a decade later, I've revised, rewritten, and un-awfuled the thing. (Hopefully.) So far it's seventy-two chapters and I'm not quite finished....

But since it's way too chunky for a traditional, kill-a-tree book I decided to try a podcast. My wife is the narrator and she's pretty awesome. You can check out the first two episodes here:

Google Play (coming soon... they're way more difficult than the others)

And the great thing about not being finished... you can tell me what you think and how to make it better! Just contact me through the online form on this site.

If you like it, please subscribe, rate, review, share, and whatever else it is young people do with podcasts these days. The more people listening, the more motivated I'll be to neglect my job and family and get more episodes out. :)

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