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"Very Strange and Very Different"

That was my librarian mother-in-law's assessment of my first children's picture book.

I suppose that was my goal. I've spent many hours reading my 4 and 7-year-old children's picture books. Some are great. But soooo many of them are scissor-in-eye awful. Naturally those are the ones the kids want to read over and over. So here's my first children's book. Most adults will think it's awful. But hopefully the kids will be a little less discerning. At the very least I had a LOT of fun making it.

When I asked my ten year old how many stars she would give it she said, "Two."

"TWO?" I asked, no doubt with a look of the betrayed in my eyes.

"Okay, three."

"Well at least I WROTE a children's book. You just sat on your butt and ate my food."

(Just kidding, I didn't say that last part.)

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