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Why are their TWO versions of the same book?

I'm excited to finally say: The sequel to An Uncommon Blue is now available for purchase on Amazon! So what's this other book, some of you might be wondering.

To make a long, boring story, slightly less of both: Publisher #1 said they wouldn't publish The White Serpent (WS) because An Uncommon Blue (UB) didn't make enough money. Then publisher #2 said they would publish WS. Later they said they'd also republish UB. But #2 had some problems with UB and had me change a bunch of stuff. Then #2 dropped both books, but I got a couple sweet covers for free. So these two latest books have been self-published by "An Uncommon Press". (Groomed was also self-published.) Now that you have the whole story, go find me an agent that will get me a sweet nine-digit deal with Scholastic.

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