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Will everything change on August 18th?

I love writing. I absolutely hate marketing. I do NOT like feeling like I'm a salesperson trying to trick people into buying my book. I think books speak for themselves and should be recommended through word of mouth.

I still feel this way, but I've at least come to accept the reality. It turns out I was naive. Even if people like my book. Even if my book is the most amazing book ever written in the history of Earth. Even if my mom tells everyone she knows.

I'm not going to become a superstar.

What I've enjoyed most about my publishing experience is hearing from people that don't hate my book. Strokes my ego in a very satisfying manner. Makes me feel all loved and important, etc. I'd like a little more of that in my life. (And a little extra money wouldn't hurt either... I'd LOVE to be able to write full time.)

So I've reluctantly begun a lack-luster attempt at marketing. Kindle Direct Publishing (self-publishing through Amazon) makes it super easy. I get 5 days that I can make my book free, then it's up to me to get the word out. I tried that first with GROOMED and got over 400 downloads in a single day. That made me happy. But clearly, my fans (although very intelligent and with great taste) are relatively few. I love you, you're good enough for me. But wouldn't you like some company while you scream my name and beg for my autograph? Thought so. I'll humor you and try to get a bunch more readers.

Since An Uncommon Blue: 5th Anniversary Edition and the sequel came out, I've been surprised by two things. The Anniversary Edition of UB sells way better than The White Serpent. And when the books DO sell, they are nearly always paperbacks. I thought for sure people would rather have the ebooks for 2.99 than a hard copy for $10. (And truth be told, I make a lot more on the ebooks than I do on the paperbacks.) So, I decided to capitalize on the interest in Blue5thAnniversary and use my 5 days of free downloads.

An Uncommon Blue: 5th Anniversary Edition ebook will be FREE from Aug 18th-22nd.

And I spent probably about $400 dollars on marketing. (Although I told my wife it was $300... good thing she doesn't read my blog.... I hope.) I consider this my one time egg basket of magical proportions. If I don't skyrocket to mega-stardom on the 18th of August, then I'll cut my loses and spend the rest of my life living happily ever after with my small (but quality) fan base. That will give me much more time to write.

Which is my favorite favorite thing ever. Apart from spending money and lying about it.

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